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Bottle Medical matters Bottle

Being positioned in a mainly tree covered area we get a lot of biting insects in the summer. It would be sensible for anyone susceptible to mosquitoes in particular to bring any creams or lotions from England and to use an anti-mosquito spray if out walking in the garrigue. The plug-in variety of insect repellents are useful for the bedroom, but are less effective when the windows need to be open to combat the heat! We have found the Baygon Genius Diffuser the most effective and have these in all the bedrooms. Refills are obtainable locally, if not in the UK.

In the summer, there is a reasonable amount of wind and, with that and being fairly high, the temperatures can be deceptive. Sun cream is essential to avoid serious sunburn.

There is a pharmacy at Fourques where they are happy to dispense advice as well as pills and potions. There is also a doctor, in the unlikely event that one is needed.

Visitors from England should bring a properly completed Social Security Form E111 to allow emergency medical assistance without charge while on holiday in France. Note that since 2001, France insists upon a New Form E111 Each Year!!!!!